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The North Carolina Information Technology Service (ITS) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Service provides statewide leadership and services that facilitate cost-effective document management, scanning, and portal integration solutions for state agencies and institutions.   ECM seeks to create strategic partnerships with our customers in business processes which effectively enhance agency resource usage for delivery of cost effective government services.

Electronic Content Management (ECM) Services consists of three high-value offerings that can be used together or independently to address a wide variety of State agency business and operational support needs.  Access to these services is provided using a standard web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) as opposed to any "fat client" software that would need to be installed on the user desktop.  

These offerings include:

ECM Electronic Document Management (EDM) Services – provides the ability to capture electronically born documents and then store, and process those documents. In addition, the tool allows for users to version control and workflow any type of electronic document.

ECM Scan Services – provides the ability to capture paper documents and transform them into an electronic format to be store in the ECM repository. All paper document types i.e. structured (forms), semi structures (invoices), and unstructured documents (emails and letters) can utilize this service.

UI Portal - provides the ability for the end user to access documents stored in the ECM repository based on a secure access control model.  In addition, this tool is highly configurable and can be used as an agency document management portal.

For more information about utilizing this service, contact Milton McCoy or visit the ITS Service Catalog web site.